Singaporeans: Need to spend at least $20,000 and study hard for 3-4 years to earn a Bachelor’s Degree.

Foreign Talents: Only need $800 and 30 minutes to buy a degree from degree mills. The degree can be Bachelor, Masters or Phd, depending on what employees want.

Singaporeans: Market changes easily, the degree obtained from NUS/NTU might not be relevant. Cannot afford to spend another 3-4 years studying.

Foreign Talents: The so-called degrees can always be up-to-date as you can buy any type you like.

Singaporeans: Male graduates need to serve NS every year until they are 40 years old. To employees, this is an unnecessary disruption to work.

Foreign Talents: No need to serve NS.

Singaporeans: Graduates cannot afford to have a below $2,000 starting pay as there is a need to pay for the study loans and CPF contributions.

Foreign Talents: No need to pay for study loans and CPF (unless PR). Even PRs pay a very low CPF contribution for the first few years. Hence they can accept much lower starting pay.

Singaporeans: Cannot easily fake qualifications as all their information is already captured with their NRIC. Each ministry can easily obtain the information via NRIC – if they want, they can even know your full PSLE and GCE results.

Foreign Talents: Can easily fake qualifications as there is no (and will not be) a central body in Singapore to check. Even if they get caught, they can still work in a stat board like IDA.

Singaporeans: Don’t pay money in the form of kick-backs for employment as the fear is that if they get caught, they would be doomed in Singapore with a criminal record.

Foreign Talents: Happily pay kick-backs to get employment. There is no fear as even if they get caught, once back to their own country, everything can start afresh.

Singaporeans: You will be shamed in the media if you break your bond.

Foreign Talents: Nothing will happen. This is the situation when we have a 5.5-million population and Singaporeans already cannot compete fairly. Can you handle this situation when it will be 6.9 million as stated in the Population White Paper?

Peter Lim

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