Singapore is probably the only country I know where the Government must beg us to support event like SEA Games or even events like SG50.

I guess majority of Singaporean dun really care about such events

At best they are neutral..a growing numbers of us think such events are nothing more than meant to glorify PAP and a waste of our money

I guess this is because to us PAP ministers

1) Are there for personal glory and benefits….they are not sincere about improving our lives..so no moral authority to organise such event
2) PM is seen as a incompetent PM leading a weak PAP team
3) Influx of FT and New Citizen has eroded national identity…we are no longer proud to be Singaporeans as we are 2nd rated citizen in our own country
4) We have sacrifice but the FTs reap the benefits
5) The new crop of PAP MP (and even future crop like Daryl David) are not liked by us

Am I right or am I wrong?

Apathetic Singaporean

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