I would like to bring this up about how the SEA games organizers are like. A group of friends and myself were unintentionally volunteered by a 3rd party to take part in the SEA Games.

After going for a briefing and receiving news regarding the schedule, we decided to withdraw ourselves from the event citing no particular reason.

We have emailed them about 3 to 4 months ago and they have acknowledged our withdrawal back then. However, ever since 2 months ago, there has been non stop emails of reminders from ”[email protected]” to collect their uniform and to attend training sessions etc.

Repeated reminders from were acknowledged regarding our withdrawal but we still keep receiving emails from them! Recently, they have resorted to harassing us through calls and even adding us to a whatsapp group.

Leaving this group will only result in you being added back in non stop. Is this what the SEA games management is resorting to because they are drastically short of volunteers..aka free labour?

Disgraceful and disgusting ethics

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