Dear Editors,

I saw this great piece written by a netizen talking about the difficulties and discrimination faced by singles in Singapore. Sad to say but singles are unfairly treated both by the State as well as their families. I hope this will raise awareness of the problems and stress faced by the many singles in Singapore.

This was what he wrote:

"I'm not single but I do think that many policies in the society are very bias towards singles especially when it comes to home buying. Not only are they forfeited to pay more based on a single income, it is often taken for granted that all singles should always share a space with the parents just because they are single. Singles as a person need privacy and space to grow and develop themselves too.

On a family level, I've also heard and seen enough real life situations where the single person are left to deal with the old age parents sucking out all that single person medisave because all the other married siblings are "too busy" and always "financially burdened with house and children". How convenient ! Some singles I've come across were also often rope in to "help out" with taking care of nieces and nephews and if they don't, they get a grounding from everyone for being unhelpful since they are often "so free".

(Disclaimer: of course not all siblings are the same, above mentioned are just some examples that I've come across in my own circle)

On a petty front, I remembered when I was buying insurance back in my singles days I was told if you are married, your child gets insured for free. I told the agent, I have no children but how about insuring my dog or lowering my premium as a substitute to be fair to me . He said not applicable of course. There is no free lunch on earth, those "free child insurance" are paid for by those who have no children. I'm now married, but I really do wish the society would implement fairer treatment towards those who are not married or chosen not to, or have no children."

Charlie Toh

A.S.S. Reader

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