My colleagues and I boarded the train from Paya lebar station to Bedok station to have our lunch around 12:30pm on 22-May-15. 
While I was talking to my colleagues happily in the train, this old lady started attacking me by kicking my left ankle hard and shouted at me, "Don't block my view!" I wasn't standing not really near her but at the centre of the train, in front of her. 
My colleagues advised me not to fight back, as i would probably be falling into her trap, if she accused me in the public of bullying her. 
She seems to be wearing a hospital uniform(which hospital she is working at, must report this incident to her employer), please share this out, to prevent any unfortunate commuters to be attacked by her in future. 
SMRT, please take note of this mentally-unsound woman. 
Back in office after lunch, i found bruises on my left ankle.
I wish i could take the photo/video when the moment she was kicking me. At least, i've the evidence to lodge a complaint to the neighborhood police post.

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