Realizing that his pay as a hawker stall assistant was no going to be enough to earn him a good life, 30 year-old Chen Guoguang turned to the internet to make even more money.

In March last year, he set up a website to advertise the illegal sex services of freelance prostitutes online. He procured the services of his “stable” of girls from online messaging service WeChat, which is popular among PRC and Pinoy prostitutes.

He asked the prostitutes to pay him a monthly fee for his services so he would help them advertise and make deals for them via his website. By February this year, he was operating 2 websites: fateinsg.com and rjttsg.com, and had earned S$134,550 within a year.

Chen now faces 9 charges of living on the earnings of prostitutes. For each count, he faces up to 5 years jail and a maximum fine of $10,000.

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