A ST survey has convincingly announced that the ground is sweet for the PAP and this may prompt the PAP to call an early election. And from the comments by Hsien Loong, they are taking the findings of the survey very positively. There is a renewed confidence in the PAP camp that all is well. And you can’t blame them for being so confident.

Hsien Loong has pushed out his slate of leaders that are quite unbeatable in every way. The response from the public must be very encouraging. No one is saying anything bad about them, so must be good. Everyone is a talent and a leader in his own right and should be able to carry all the GRCs they are going to lead. The gloom and fear of getting the marching order like Aljunied GRC are history.
The position camp, particularly the WP, has been in a big struggle to get their accounts right in the AHPETC. They are so bogged down by the details that they have no time even to eat or sleep. The other opposition parties are also very quiet and not seem to be engaging the people other than the SDP. The SFP, a breath of fresh air and looking promising, has also cut down on their PR activities.

What about the grudging issues that were troubling the people? Where got issues? Since the days Roy and his friends were hauled up and charged in court, the CPF issue is no longer an issue. No one is talking about it anymore. This means that there is no issue and the people are happy with the state of their CPF savings.

And the people are so grateful with the MedishieldLife and the CPFLife providing coverage for their future needs. In addition to these two wonderful schemes, there is the Pioneer Generation Package that made all the pioneers smiling in glee. Everything is now a big discount and they are even spending more on medical needs and dental treatments, things they would not dare to at the old prices and without the discounts.
Public housing is also no longer an issue as the prices are now better than affordable. People with income of $1,000 can also buy a public flat. Where to find such good deals?

PMETs and foreigners too are non issues. Just adapt and get use to it. After a while the situation will become the new normal. Fake degrees, where got? If got fake degrees, they would have all been sent home. Our ministries are super efficient in law and order. And this is well known throughout the world. Foreigners coming here are all genuine degree holders and professionals and the most honest people in their countries. The cheats and fakes would not dare to be here to be caught and sent home.

Now, what else is an issue? Can’t think of any really. It is celebration time. The big bash in SG50 is around the corner. Everyone is gearing to party and parties are everywhere. The spirit is high. There is money everywhere. $324m for the SEA Games is chicken feat. You need money to celebrate and enjoy, just ask and shall be given.

This GE is going to be a walkover and a convincing win for the PAP. The voters will show their approval by giving them a bigger majority. Aljunied GRC, Hougang and Punggol East will be returned to the PAP fold. The PAP is delivering everything the people want and the people will reciprocate for such a good govt. The opposition parties are in hiding, fleeing, knowing their chances are as good as zilch.

Ouch! Stop throwing rotten eggs at me. I am telling the truth. I got the ST survey to prove that I am telling the truth. The survey would not lie. If you don’t believe, see when the election will be called. It will be very soon. The PAP is ready and is walking the ground. They are absolutely confident of a big win this time.

Where is the opposition? Where got public angst? No more complaints, no protests, all is fine. Everything will be back to normal after the next GE with PAP in control.

More good years and more good times.

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