In a tell tale sign of the growing income inequality and the burgeoning group of rich elites relocating to Singapore, FitnessFirst has announced that it will launch an exclusive elites-only gym in the Central Business District by the second half of this year.

The UK-based fitness chain Fitness First calls this gym “Gravity”, ironically named since the $9.5 million gym will be located on the top of a brand new office tower to be built in the CBD, the new CapitaGreen tower on Market Street.

It will take up 17,000 sq ft of gym floor space and boasts services such as wellness consultations, personal coaching, and smartphone applications that members can use to track their fitness and network with each other. The gym also has a lounge, work stations and meetings rooms, as well as a 6,500 sq ft restaurant which will cater breakfast specially for members and invited guests but will be open to the public during lunch and dinner hours.

Membership is by invite only and will be available to 999 people here who are part of the corporate elite. Members must pay an initial fee of S$3,000, on top of monthly fees of about S$600 — at least 5 times higher than all of the membership rates in the other gyms in Singapore.

Fitness First’s statement to media says that the gym will be a “private and intimate” place, catering to chief executives who “do not want to be down there in the gym with a lowly clerk”.

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