I bought a 350wh 40km unicycle from China through a local taobao agent known as SGSHOP.
All was good until i started trying out the unicycle. It barely hits even 15km ! On suspicion , i took out a screw driver and take out the battery.
To my utter horror , it was only a 120 kwh (2ah * 60 )
I then confronted the taobao seller through my sgshop agent.
The taobao seller act blur and insisted that 350wh refers to the motor . Who the hell measure motor by watt hour? 
SGShop promised to help me complaint about the seller , but they haven gotten back to me since then ! SGShop have been friendly prompt and helpful so far. I hope they can help me get a settlement. 
Lesson of the day: Check your taobao stuff, dont believe in every taobao seller. KNN , they lack integrity. Thought i can save some money , end up costing me more !
The seller's link here:

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