I read on Yahoo news that Sarawakian pork will be allowed into Singapore now!

A number of interesting questions arise:

Is West Malaysian pork produced in the farms in the Malaysian Peninsula deemed unhealthy, unhygienic etc? Many Malaysia Chinese have been eating this daily and this includes many Singaporean Chinese who cross the border to avail themselves of West Malaysian pork? Certainly I have availed myself of this many times without having suffered any health effects?

Perhaps, the answer lies in Temasek’s pork farm investments in the Karimun (or is it other islands in the Riau area)?

History says that when the Nipah virus broke out, Malaysian pork was banned for health reasons rightly so.

At that time, many West Malaysian farmers died plus, closed down and surely, the Malaysian authorities upped the ante on health and hygiene and inspections etc and “cleaned out” their farms?

However, Singapore authorities continued to ban West Malaysian pork until now and what happened?

1) Australian pork was introduced into Singapore and it was expensive and did not taste so good. I wonder who was importing this – a Temasek linked company or “cronies”?

2) Temasek’s pork farms were started in Riau (Karimun Islands) and till today, they enjoy the major business in Singapore’s pork consumption at a price set between Australian pork imported and Karimun farmed pork – BASICALLY AN OLIGOPOLY IF NOT MONOPOLY depending on who is licensed to import Australian pork.

So as any Economics student will tell you, between Temasek and the Australian pork importers, Singapore’s pork consumers have been screwed in terms of pricing for the last 16 years to the benefit of Temasek and the Australian pork importers!

This is how Temasek produces its high return on capital and investments in the home market of Singapore – screwing Singaporeans daily!

When you next vote, remember this!

Lee Sian Lang

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