Editor’s Note: This letter was sent by a reader. The views in this letter are his own.

I think the people complaining about all the defects in the Trivelis DBSS project need to wake up their idea.

If you buyers can afford more than a couple hundreds of thousands for more expensive DBSS flats instead of buying simple and cheap units like everyone else, then why are you complaining so much? The Authorities have delivered on the promise of giving the public cheap affordable housing, and you buyers willingly pay extra for some extra features, so why should you buyers insistently harass the Authorities to keep making good on defects when you can clearly afford further private renovations yourselves?

Besides, the onus should be on the buyers yourselves to check and double check what they would be paying for before you pay for it.

If you did not carry out your own part responsibly, how can you can come around to blame someone else for delivering what you ordered for and label them as “defects”? When you buy your flat and they claim they are not confirmed about this or that or not sure, then simple, Don’t buy!

Paying time and attention to heed these buyers “sudden influx of feedback” now obviously does not make sense, nor will it be significantly constructive for other ongoing fact even mildly catering to it might even drag down their schedules.

All it will only serve is to feed and encourage future buyers to be more demanding in future.

Indeed well said, spare the Rod, spoil the Child!

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