Hi Ms Tin,

Saw the big notices put by your RC yesterday, highlighting the preparation needs for your visit to my block later today.

I must admit I am pretty impressed by the “efficiency” of your announcement as I never saw my corridor swept twice as much (only for today I suppose) and the long faded road labels, repainted on account of your visit from the last G.E. with the previous MP.

However, to make your visit more meaningful, may I inquire on a few pressing issues of our constituency brought to your attention on numerous occasions since your election which sadly, remains unresolved until today?

May I ask if you have reflected the high noise and dust pollution levels of the ever expanding PIE works to your colleague Mr Lui Tuck Yew for resolution? I have already gone on for a nose operation at TTSH in 2013 due to inhaling unhealthy levels of fume for the past 16 years. Have you also “advised” your Marine Parade TC to buck up on the cleanliness of our estates which is worsening by the day with rodent, termite nests and dengue infestation that saw you having to be interviewed by Channel 8 news?

Did you manage to speak with Mr V. Bala to mitigate the rapid and uncontrollable rise of rental rates at “Geylang East Centre Market and Food Corner” as well as Blks 79/79A/89 of Circuit Road Market and Food Centres which underwent several upgrading to an even filthier environment with faulty taps, choking drainage systems and bird shit tables? How about the flawed design of the leaking covered walkways linking Blks 96-99 and 98-95 Aljunied Cres which the Marine Parade TC promised to rectify a year ago?

Have you managed to solve the bulk of persistent long queue of resident’s problems with your leaders on recovery of their defaulted CPF by employers/businesses, forceful repossession of flats by HDB in McPherson leading many to “camp” at my void deck and the surrounding areas in MacDonald feasting on leftover food, lobbying for more funding to support the increasing and dire social/healthcare needs of our aging community, PR applications for spouses/children of citizens even as your party continues to defend the degree mill issue and not forgetting, appeals against the fine prints of your party when dishing out propagation of supposed benefits like the PGG and so forth.

In view of these unsolved concerns along with the high poverty rates of McPherson that your party failed to depreciate, I hope you will find your house visits indeed “useful”.

Yours faithfully,
Mdm J. Tan

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