An 18-year-male claiming that his pale complexion, large eyes and v-shaped face are all ‘natural’ features has attracted brickbats online.

Photos of Liu Zi-chen, who has been nicknamed “snake spirit boy”, have gone viral on Chinese social media, with many netizens doubting his claim.

One web user even managed to dig up an old passport photo of Liu and contrasted it with his current appearance, Shanghaiist reported.

But according to NetEase, Liu rebutted the accusations saying the passport photo looked different because it was taken five years ago.

He admitted that he had done some minor alterations to his nose but claimed his jaw shape has changed naturally through the use of a special face-thinning mask.

Liu has also taken photos of himself posing naked and lying on piles of cash notes which have provoked an angry response from netizens, reported Shanghaiist.

Only a month ago, pictures posted by a girl from central China following her full-body plastic surgery also went viral online attracting unfavourable remarks.

According to reports, the girl, who is known as Lienxi Danae on Sina Weibo, went through extensive plastic surgery to win back an old boyfriend.

Netizens also called her “snake spirit”, referring to a white serpent in Chinese mythology which could change into a beautiful woman but remain trapped in an eerily white skin, China Daily reported.

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