Dear A.S.S.,
Whoever said that PRCs can change their ways, please eat your words now! You cannot teach these PRC dogs any new tricks.
This happened today. I was happily minding my own business until this joker PRC man decided that home is too far away, and the nearby coffee shop is too dirty for whatever reason, so he decided to bring his boy to a nearby PUBLIC HDB PLAYGROUND to do his business.
When I saw the boy take off his pants and squat, I knew immediately that we have another SH*T situation happening.
F**king PRCs taking their stupid habits here and sh*tting all over Singapore. Here is more photos of the disgusting father and son.
ICA and PAP, are you reading this!? Send back your f**king beloved PRCs!
Singaporeans, we need to shame these PRCs back to their country!
Angry Singaporean

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