Kuala Lumpur police chief Tajuddin Md Isa said on Thursday that ISIS operatives in Malaysia are planning ransom kidnappings and bank robberies to fund their militant activities. They are targeting business centres that have large number of expatriates and government offices in Putrajaya.

Malaysia’s top cop also warned that ISIS operatives were planning to raid police and army camps to acquire firearms and explosive. He added that ISIS are now past the recruitment phase in Malaysia and are now looking at activities which can fund their terror attacks.

The Malaysian police has since moved to tighten security around potential ISIS targets.

Just last month, more than a dozen men were arrested while they were mixing chemicals to make improvised explosive devices for bombing attacks in Klang Valley.

Six of the 12 were charged in court yesterday with plotting terror attacks using the materials they were mixing, said to be enough to cause a blast with a 500m radius.

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