The Social Progress Index (SPI) is a measurement of social progress published by a team led by Harvard Business School Professor Michael Green. The professor said that a nation’s progress is not simply measured by only its GDP and that countries with the same GDP may have very different national progres. The latest report is out today and here is a summary of how Singapore actually fare as compared to other first world countries namely, Japan, United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Korea:

1) Singapore is the most ill-informed society
With the lowest score among first world countries of 75.32 in Access to Information and Communications, and a 44.29 in Press Freedom Index, Singaporeans is statistically the most ill-informed people. Also at an alarming score of 56.74, Singaporeans has the least access to Advanced Education compared to citizens of other first world countries.

2) Singapore is the worst in political rights
No other first world countries have a raw score of 3 in political rights, but Singapore have a 4. Freedom of speech is a 0 and freedom of assembly is only a 1.

3) Singapore is the most discriminatory country against minorities
Race and religion minorities are the most discriminated in Singapore than in any other first world country. Although Singapore rank high in religious tolerance, the raw score for discrimination is at its lowest at 2.8.

4) Other findings that break typical Singaporean beliefs
Singapore is no longer the least corrupted country, the first is New Zealand. Singapore is also not xenophobic at all, it ranks better than Japan and Korea in the tolerance for immigrants section. Singapore has also the lowest internet users even though it has the highest mobile subscriptions. Adult literacy rate is actually the lowest in Singapore than other first world countries. Singapore also rank better than United States, Japan and Korea in terms of housing affordability. Singaporeans are the most likely to die from infectious diseases too.

You may read more from the report below:

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