Dear A.S.S.,

People always say they hate seeing Traffic police but everytime they meet a problem on the roads, it's always the traffic police who come to their rescue.

I think we should not forget that most traffic policemen are actually nice people ad they are only doing their jobs to keep our roads a safer place for all.

You see the photo sent by your contributor, the policeman so helpful, help to push the big MPV himself while the driver steers the vehicle. He is probably pushing the MPV so that it will not block the traffic.

I do not think this is part of his job scope right? He can wait for the tow truck but instead he take the initiative to help push the vehicle so that it will not inconvenience other road users.

Thumbs up to this TP for his exemplary showing! Let's give credit when its due! 

George Teo

A.S.S. Contributor

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