coffee shop franchises imo are no longer worth the price.

unlike say a starbucks, crew at least have some prep training. most franchise chinese base kopitiam, what kind of traning and QC did their uppers give to the basic staffers?

how much attention do cooks pay to make sure nothing is wrong with your food rather than just going thru the motion?

bring all this down to your local hawker centre example, even those NEA stalls are flooded by cheap labor helpers, 99% are also just going thru the motion of doing the job. but not doing what a diligent food prep should, make sure the food is consumable and clean. they can wear a plastic cap, they can wear a hygiene hair cap, they can wear a mouth mask, but the rotten food can still go past their hands just like a machine process with no eyes to “see”.

even if the WDA provides food prep certs, what can WDA or even NEA do? unlike in UK, where food inspectors really go up to the kitchen to inspect every bloody thing.

imo, once a food prep kitchen or stall start to hire cheap labor to fulfill profit, that is it. 99% you can be sure it is more a “machine” at work than a real cook who is looking after your food.

how many of these franchise shop actually sit down the trainee to train them for 2-3 month to ensure they know the food safety handling? but because it is a job, after a few weeks, can you guarranttee they dont become eyeless robot again?

instead of looking at the food you see, look at what they do, you will find that real cooks inside are far and few.

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