‘Under the PAP, it is inevitable that Singaporean graduates will compete with foreign ones from ‘reputable’ unis, many with bogus degrees. If Singaporeans do not demand accountability from the PAP at the polls, we will have 5 years to repent.’ Phillip Ang
Phillip Ang wrote an article title ‘ Bogus degrees – 5 years to repent if we do nothing’ posted in TRE.

In the article one could sense the frustration and exasperation of Phillip Ang, representing the unhappy voices of PMETs that were replaced by the degree mill foreigners. You could imagine him pulling at his hair in anger, that nothing seems to be done, no one seems to care or even want to talk about this sorry state of affair, less want to do anything about it.

Indifference, no accountability, tidak apa, seem to be what this issue is all about. Fake degree holders working here and displacing our poor PMETs from their jobs and depriving them from earning a decent income in a decent job is the new normal. There are more serious consequences in medical and engineering fields if the fakes were to be employed to treat the sick and involved in infrastructure projects. Phillip was screaming, those countries are infamous for their corrupt education systems and culture and in producing fake degrees. Didn’t anyone know or want to know?

These are valid questions. Everyone knows the shit is here, knows everything is so shitty it smells all over. No need any proof or investigation. Fakes and degree mills are the norm, anything else is an exception. You will have a hard time finding one with genuine degrees and job experience. That is how sick the situation has become that no one dares to poke his little finger in the pile of shit.

Then why the reticent, why turning the heads the other way? I venture to ask some employers about the fakes they are hiring. They gave me a cheeky smile. Corruption, corrupt practices? Fake degrees, degree mills, where got? Then with all seriousness he said, when in Rome do as the Romans do. I was taken aback.

Isn’t this Rome and the newcomers are to do as we do? That made him laughed crazily like he was going to be delirious. We are in Rome and we need to do and act like them. We have to adapt to be like them. This is Rome, their Rome, they are the Romans and corruption, fakes, cheats are the order of the day.

I was stunned by such clarity in perception of the new reality. Those who still believe in honesty, integrity, righteousness are living fossils, behind time and need to go the dodo way. To survive, one has to adapt to the new reality, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Phillip, you got the idea?

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