I have being on the lookout for a new job recently and to my surprise, I found out that a lot of companies HR outsource their staff recruitment to staffing agencies like Randstad, Adecco and etc…

The most surprising thing is that I got India Indian recruiters calling me now too, but their thick foreign accent really put me off. They also don’t know anything about Singaporean life, like I told them I am on reservist for the last 2 weeks and so I can’t go for any job interviews, the India Indian recruiter then ask me what is reservist training and why I cannot go for interview, I told them I have to stay inside camp and cannot book out and they are like completely don’t understand what I am saying.

This FT recruitment thing is really getting out of hand, how can Adecco or Randstad hire foreigners like India Indians and Pinoys as their recruiters in SG ? They will of coz give priority or recommend their own people to their clients wat. they can even give tips to their own people in terms of how much salary to ask for, what skillset or qualifications to get as they have all these requirements from their clients at hand

Secondly, how can a foreigner recruiter understand the life and obligations that a sinkie haf ? they don’t even know what is NS, reservist, IPPT and etc, how are they fit to screen sinkies and decide whether are they suitable for the jobs or not ??

It’s time for MOM to come clean now!

Discriminated Singaporean

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