My colleague managed to finish 5day work within 1min, but pretended it took him 5 days

My colleague’s job is to clean up excel sheet data and present charts. Using microsoft excel VB, he wrote a script to finish the work within 1 min. Instead of submitting the work immediately, he pretended it took 5 days and submitted 5 days later.

This piece of work he knows its very urgent need it immediately, big boss need within 2 days, but he purposely delay the submission an additional 3 days just to pretend that it is a tedious task.

Due to his deliberate delay, we kanna f**k upside down by big boss.

Hais…so unethical. how can ppl work like that?

If you are my colleague will you also do the same thing?

I cant do the same pattern as him. doesnt work for me. My boss will simply say “cant you OT(without OT pay) or work during the weekend?”


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