The shorter their skirt or dress, the less they pay for a meal at a hotpot restaurant in China’s Shandong province.

In a publicity stunt designed to reel in attractive female customers, the restaurant offers discounts of between 20 and 90 per cent to women clad in revealing skirts, reported Shanghaiist.

An 8cm hemline from the knee will net a customer 20 per cent off her bill, while the maximum discount requires a super short skirt that falls 33cm above the knee.

The female customers must also allow staff members to measure the front of their legs with a measuring tape.

Such gimmicks are not new in China – Shanghaiist reported in January this year that another hotpot restaurant caused a stir with its policy of allowing good-looking customers to eat for free.

The Zhengzhou establishment has a computer which scans the faces of customers. They are then judged by a panel of workers from a local plastic surgery clinic, who determines the five best-looking customers every 30 minutes.

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