After watching the video in which Amos lambasted LKY and the PAP, it was quickly apparently to me that Amos is confident, talented and eloquent… all at the tender age of 16, when most Singaporean teenage boys are still struggling to find out where they belong in the little red dot. Amos is taking it to the LHL and the PAP, and these fools are falling for it.

Charging Amos and putting him in jail just signify to the whole world what a screwed up political system we have here. Singaporeans are a docile bunch, and soon they would be replaced with the FT that the PAP is so keen to bring into the city state. Barring the profanities in his video, Amos is right on the money ball when it comes to governance in Singapore. There are many issues with LHL and the way things are run, and Singaporeans need to open their eyes. There is indeed a lot of rot in the PAP core leadership where the focus is on monetary gains, and not the welfare of the populace.

CCS and the new guard need to take a page from this young man. If they are half as eloquent as Amos, and dare to take LHL and his policies head on, Singapore might still have a chance. Singapore is indeed lucky to have produced an Amos, thanks to the Internet. If most other Singaporeans care to question LHL and the PAP, perhaps there would be more voices like Amos, and this might cause the PAP to back down from their disastrous policies. Alas, the PAP has such a stronghold on the people that future elections might be fruitless for opposition parties. Perhaps a revolution is in order, where LHL and his cronies would be investigated and thrown into jail, just like what LKY had done to his adversaries.

Take care, Mr Amos Yee.

National Slavery

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