In a speech made during the 2015 Singapore Service Excellence Medallion awards at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that Singapore has built a strong service culture revolving around its businesses and workers. But now for the next ten years, Singaporeans must strive to be good customers too.

PM Lee said: “If the customer treats the service staff like dirt, it makes it much harder to serve with pride and give you good service.

“Just because a person is serving us, does not mean he or she is a servant, or even worse, a slave.

PM Lee also spoke of the need to improve Singapore’s reputation for service saying that it is still not quite where it wants to be yet.

He cited the incident of a Vietnamese tourist being forced to beg for a refund after buying an iPhone from an unscrupulous shop in Sim Lim Square.

He added: “Ask any tourist, or even a Singaporean, which country has good service? And I don’t think Singapore will come immediately to mind.

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