Lee Hsien Loong said he hopes to bring in more new candidates in the next General Election, including some who will be able to fill ministerial posts.

Mr Lee was speaking on Tuesday evening (May 19) on a live call-in programme on MediaCorp Radio’s Capital 95.8FM.

“Half the leadership team has already emerged. In the last General Election, we brought in many new people, including a few ministers,” Mr Lee said in Mandarin. “In the next election, we hope to bring in another batch of new people, including candidates who can be office holders.”

The next General Election must be held by January 2017.

Mr Lee also stressed that every election is serious, as it will see the selection of a leadership team tasked to look after citizens and the country’s future.

With regard to when the next election may be held, Mr Lee said the situation has to be examined and the timing must be right. He also noted that every constituency is likely to be contested in the upcoming election, and that every vote is important.

“We can’t say at the next election, the next Government is already confirmed and we are now just choosing how many opposition members we want, or which constituencies the opposition should be given more of a chance in. I think this is a dangerous way of thinking,” Mr Lee said.

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