Hi A.S.S.,

I was a witness to this scene recently on May 18.

A group of teenagers went into Uniqlo Tampines One and were behaving a bit suspiciously. Suddenly, a certis cisco officer standing at the entrance of the store started shouting at one of the boys.

Turns out they were trying to steal a pair of socks from the store and the Malay lady security guard managed to catch one of them pocketing it and trying to leave the store.

I thought that the boys would turn violent or make a run for it, but most of them just stood there and some tried to deny that they took it.

Later a bigger crowd of sales assistants and other security guards gathered so I think they have no choice, have to wait for police to come in and settle the matter.

Last time Uniqlo didn’t use to have security guards standing outside but in recent times, I think too many shoplifting cases so they employed some people to stand outside liao.


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