If a DOCTOR speaks (writes) like that, that shows he himself is very IMMATURE, outdated in his thinking. He is still stuck in the past – the period of struggling to survive as an independent nation. He cannot see the bigger picture into the FUTURE.

This kind of people has stereo-type of thinking and they harbour a very dangerous view, perception, perspective, idea – thinking that We SHOULD NOT PROGRESS – because he is afraid of making mistakes, afraid of chaos (like Hongkong). He rather play it safe. Very safe. He should not even walk a single step out of his house, otherwise he may be knocked down by a car or something drop down from a HDB Flat 10 storey above and hit his head (like the case in Bishan a few years ago). Even in his house accidents can also happen. He could be a nervous wreck. Wonder how he becomes a doctor???

A young nation cannot and must not remain a young nation forever. She has to grow up. She has to take risk to experiment, to venture like a business enterprise, otherwise she will forever remain stagnant. Other nations will overtake her and most of her talented people will emigrate to other advanced countries where freedom is a necessary condition of existence, a necessary evil for mankind to progress into the Future, in order to take on challenges of unknown and unsure dimensions.

The continuation of strangling the Freedom of speech, movement and assembly is a step backward, for the purpose of political masters’ ease in subduing, suppressing, subjugating, repressing, oppressing and intimidating the Population (Voters included) and People At Large. To satisfy their own selfish intention of holding on to power forever and ever.

Just ask anyone: After enjoying total unfetted power would you want to surrender your seat to someone else?

“NO! Of course NOT. I want to stay in power forever. I love it.”

But that is not the point.

The point is this: When people in power start to pretend and pay lip-services, or worst still, to tell you one thing and just next day he simply does the opposite thing, against your interest, against your well-being and against your livelihood, you must DO SOMETHING. Why?


Future Is At Stake

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