During her final day on the witness stand, former CHC finance manager Serina Wee denied all ten charges against her. She said that she would never break the law and that her actions were to “see the vision of God come to pass”.

She maintained that she and the church leaders acted on the advice of lawyers and auditors.

When asked by her lawyer, Senior Counsel Andre Maniam if she had anything to say about the numerous evidence tendered during her month-long testimony, Wee defended the church with passion.

She said: “These are not just exhibits, they represent the many years the (church) team spent fighting to fulfil the vision of God over our church.” “And it’s not just us, it’s Sun (pop singer Ho Yeow Sun) who laid down her life, the many staff who are involved, church members (who) prayed, people that gave. “All this is not done for selfish ambition or personal gain, but just us fighting the battle to see the vision of God come to pass.

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