To Integrate a Fully With FTs, We Must Put Ourselves In Their Shoes!

In order to do that, the best way would be to migrate overseas and return to Singapore as a FT and understand why Singapore is such a wonderful country to work and live in for FT.

1. No more NS liability for you and your children.
2. Can use degree from degree mills
3. Pinky Lee will love you deep deep
4. The law will treat you kindly
5. Sinkies gals love anything foreign and you can **** them with no obligations. When want to dump them, just give excuse you are returning to your country.
6. PAP supporters will s**k your balls.
7. RC will invite you for free integration dinners
8. Your boss will promote you if you are from the same country as him/her.
9. You can insult Sinkies and get away with it. Just claim account hacked and mata will take forever to prosecute you. ( just ask Edz Ello)
10. Can bully Sinkies with impunity cause Pinky Lee will suppork you!

SG Peasant

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