A reader has sent in an image of a flyer being distributed outside of SIM university on Saturday.

According to our reader, there was a small group of activists stationed around SIM unversity’s bus stop to give these flyers to students.

The flyers warn voters why they should not blame the PAP for everything that’s wrong in Singapore today.

Excerpt taken from flyer:

“It’s becoming more and more apparent that the PAP is basically Singapore’s whipping boy. The party is basically viewed as a symbol of everything wrong with the country and blamed for all its problems, at least in the eyes of the anti-establishment and disenfranchised.

This kind of mentality however masks the more deeply rooted problem within this country.

Remember that first and foremost, that the PAP is a political party. And as such it is obliged to play to its voter base and implement whatever policies they demand. Politics is simply another form of business. As long as the party (or corporation) continues to meet the demands of the market (or voters), the longer the party will survive.

If the PAP seems to be made up of power hungry, money grubbing elites, it’s probably because that’s the image that most Singaporeans have been cultivated to respect and use as the definition of success. We are a society that has come to equate competence with material wealth and paper qualifications rather than using character and moral fortitude as kpi of success.”

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