Menglembu police station chief ASP Chen Ah Kooy who was dressed in his uniform with sunglasses, hit out at the loan sharks or “Ah Long” in the 41-second video and even threatened to take them on if they came into his area and continued pasting stickers.
“If 10 Ah Longs come into my area, I will kill 10 of them. If you are not brave or happy, call your lawyers to see me. Do not disturb my area. Do not paste these stickers.
“I do not want to use Ah Long money. I do not want DAP and MCA to complain about it. Come and see. We ‘chek chow’ (fight one on one). We fight. You have pistols, take it out. I know you bought it from Thailand,” said Chen, who also spewed profanities at them.
An unknown man is also seen in the clip holding a banner, advertising the illegal money lending services. A Chinese newspaper report claims that Ipoh OCPD Asst Comm Sum Chang Keong confirmed that Chen is from the Menglembu police station chief.
Sum is reported to have said that while Chen’s intention was good, his actions were not professional and the words used by him were inappropriate.
There have been 14 cases related to illegal moneylenders in Ipoh since January. Five of the cases happened in Menglembu, Sum said.
Another Chinese Daily reported that it had dialled the phone number showed on the banner in the video and the person who picked up the call admitted that the unidentified man in the video was his worker.
He said the worker was detained by police when he was hanging the banners. The man has since been released.

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