As the alleged TRS editors Yang Kaiheng and his fiancee Ai Takakgi walked to the State Courts for their pre-trial conference, a process server from WongPartnership served a writ of summons onto them.

The papers were for a copyright infringement suit by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) served on the couple allegedly behind socio-political website The Real Singapore.

SPH claims in the writ of summons that they infringed its copyright by reproducing and/or substantially reproducing SPH articles, and/or authorising their reproduction without the licence and authorisation of the company.

SPH is seeking a declaration that the defendants have infringed copyright, an injunction to restrain them; damages; alternatively an account of profits they have made by copyright infringement and payment of all sums found due.

Both Yang and Takagi have been charged with seven counts of publishing seditious articles on TRS which allegedly promoted ill will and hostility between different races in Singapore. They also face one other charge of failing to produce documents relating to The Real Singapore’s financial statements to a police officer on March 26.

Their lawyer Choo Zheng Xi will be making representations to the AGC on the sedition charges. Mr Choo also revealed that he has made the necessary communications with MDA about the suspension of TRS.

Their next pre-trial conference is scheduled on July 1.

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