Dear Editors,

I saw your contributor write in to complain about the traffic police abang stepping on a man who was subdued by his colleague. The man was a drunk who tried to escape after knocking a motorcyclist, when these policemen come to arrest him, he resisted arrest thats why he get pin down. If you don't know the story, just shut up and not make yourself look stupid. 

This was what an eyewitness Khamiz had to say about the incident. After hearing his account, you can be the judge if the traffic policeman was using excessive force or not. 

The eyewitness said:

"I was there, this joker was drunk driving, knocked down a motorcyclist and tried to drive off, but too bad it was red light and a taxi was in front of his car. He then rammed his car to the taxi 3-4 time, but he could not get away. He tried to run away by foot, but were stopped by passerby. He tried to bribe us with $15k into letting him go. When the TP arrived, he was taken in, but resisted arrest, that's why he was pinned down."

Now you know the story so what you think? I think its ok and that's the proper way to subdue an uncooperative person. 

A.S.S. Reader


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