Whenever I meet with my friends who are girls, I notice they always make such comparison between Ang Mohs and Singaporean men. I do not understand why but they tend to give chance to Ang Mohs and give them the benefit of the doubt. They always look at them as a superior being who can do no wrong, whereas Singaporeans are not given such a positive chance and always think badly of us. Everything the Singaporean do, it is because of some bad reason.

These are some instance for comparison. Have you seen any of these double standard comments before?

1) AMDK go clubbing = it’s their culture, lifestyle. Sociable.
Sinkie go clubbing = go and kua charbor, sian charbor, looking for ONS.

2) AMDK whack children = discipline children, children are naughty
Sinkie whack children = KNN, child abuser, must report to police and STOMP

3) amdk surf forum = knowledgeable, hunger for knowledge, knows where to get info.
local surf forum = no life, useless, foreveralone, nothing to do.

4) AMDK wear tattered clothes = setting new trend, so cool
Sinkie wear tattered clothes = no money, beggar, jobless, stay out of my way

5) Angmoh ride motorbike = macho, cool, suave
Sinkie ride motorbike = poor, cannot afford car, low class, maybe is work as fastfood delivery man

6) Ang moh drink wine = classy, enjoy life
Sinkie drink beer = alcoholic, low class

7) amdk ride bicycle = free loving spirit, adventurous, love environment.
local ride bicycle = buay kan, no $$ buy car, boliao, buibui trying to lose weight.

8) Amdk go Thailand backpack = adventure loving, explorer
Sinkie go Thailand backpack = go find Thai chicken

9) AMDK eat at hawker = immersing in our culture, making an effort to integrate
Sinkie eat at hawker = Poor, cheapskate

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