Why gov like segregate us so much ah? School make ppl em1/em2/em3, NT/NA/Express, ITE/Poly/JC. I see other countries education system all only one stream elemtary school => middle school => high school.

Then NS got monointake and tekong ppl. Like we all ite and below ppl should not mix to those educated jc ppl.

my fren says monointake are more shiong. Cause officers are jc ppl, they see us no up.

unwriitten protocol is also to treat more shiong than tekong ppl.

My camp mono really like dog leh. They sgt and officer tekkan those ah bengs until they start crying. Afterward they admit they no see tears no happy.

I can tell you saf rule book don’t apply in my mono camp. Push up more than 100, kena change parade. stand by bed, the sgt walk kick table, throw all our personal stuffs out of carboard to the floor.

The jack neo movie so fake. ns where got so relax one. come my camp make the movie. I think the movie cannot show cuz too brutal to show.

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