To keep a promise to his deceased wife, a PRC man from Sichuan province, China, kept his wife’s body in a temperature controlled casket at his home and “talked” to his wife every day for 5 months.

53 year-old farmer Jiang Maode lives in a farm house in his home town. According to his son, Jiang and his wife had been married for over 30 years and were very close. Last year in July, Jiang’s wife was diagnosed with leukemia.

Before she passed away, Jiang’s wife told her husband that she could not bear to part with him.

“If you can’t bear to leave me, don’t die on me.” Jiang said.

“Then keep me with you.” Jiang’s wife joked.

Jiang promised that even if the doctors could not save her from death, he would keep her in his house.

Because of this promise, Jiang has kept his wife’s body in his home for over 5 months since 19th December 2014. His daily ritual is to light 3 joss sticks and burn incense paper at his wife’s altar. He also “talks” to his wife every night before he goes to sleep.

PRC authorities are investigating Jiang for violating the state burial guidelines, which stipulate that the bodies of deceased should not be preserved in-state for longer than 5 days.

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