“As for qualifications obtained from an unaccredited institution (degree mill) that does not ensure that its students are properly qualified, MOM conducts 100% checks and disregards these qualifications completely,” Mr Lim assured.

“They will have to meet more stringent criteria in terms of experience and salary in order to qualify for the EP or S Pass.”

In other words, foreign applicants with qualifications from degree mills can still qualify for a work pass based only on their experience and salary.”

It is unbelievable to hear this kind of clarification from a minister.

A real degree or diploma at least can serve as an authentication of one’s knowledge on a particular skill, which is the result of a common bona fide examination.

SS is talking nonsense. How are you going to authenticate an applicant’s skill through experience and salary? Would there be a test during the interview? Would you be able to verify his experience and salary earned? Are you to believe all that is written in his resume?

Don’t forget, applicants from a foreign country, can easily puff up his work experience and salary information and there is no way an employer in Singapore is able to verify. The applicant could pay his ex-supervisor or ex-employer to issue such references on his experiences, etc. In some countries, such unethical practices are not uncommon.

In fact, it is difficult enough (or near impossible) to verify the worthiness of the thousands of third grade univerities or degrees churned out by degree mills, let alone to verify work experiences.

Please re-issue your statement with better logic!!!

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