According to new research from Cornell University, straight couples report “more frequent sex and greater satisfaction with the frequency and quality of that sex” if the man is responsible for 50% of household chores. That’s based on survey data from 4,500 marriages across the U.S. published by the Council on Contemporary Families.

This is in contradiction to the results of a previous study, which found that only “masculine chores, like taking out the trash or fixing the car” lead to more sex. The latest research focused on younger couples with different attitudes.

Results aside, men should not do all the chores around the house and expect to have sex 24/7. This was because the researchers also found that “completely reversing gender roles in housework was not a sexual turn-on to either the men or women involved.”

Still, professor Sharon Sassler concluded, “Perhaps if more men realized that sexual frequency was higher when the domestic load was more equitably shared they would grab that broom more often.”

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