The service is run by Lost Virgin Cafe, which currently has a 2-3 month waiting list for new applicants, which it accepts through its official website.

Applicants must be willing to pay up to 10,000 yen for a hotel “stay” fee, be in good health, and not be currently engaged at the time of the appointment.

While looks and body type don’t matter, the service will turn away those who have any known sexually transmitted infections, those with poor hygiene, and those with severe body odour.

Condoms will be provided, applicants are recommended to begin taking contraceptive medication in advance of their “appointment” just to make sure there aren’t any mishaps.

“Masa”, the proprietor of Lost Virgin Cafe, claims that he is doing his philanthropic duty by “helping” troubled women to cast off the shackles of their maidenhood. He compares inexperienced budding brides to “cell phones with no internet connection capability”, claiming that no man would want such a defective product.

“Would you go and get your hair cut by an amateur?” he asks on the site, going on to claim that “women over 170 cm tall are likely to still be virgins by marrying age, and will have a complex about that.”

He also claims to offer specialized diet advice to women whose virginity status is apparently a direct result of carrying some extra chub.

“Masa” is apparently in his thirties, with only 14% body fat. Women who dislike hairy men will be pleased to find out that “Masa” is hairless except for his head, which apparently boasts a “normal” amount of hair. He stresses that he is NOT exceptionally handsome, but he apparently has zero body odour, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

According to his profile, Masa works as a designer and website consultant, and runs the “Lost Virgin Cafe” as a non-profit on the side. He claims to have “helped” over 200 women lose their virginity, describing himself as the “Virgin Master” whose services are “100% guaranteed pain-free”.

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