Dear All Singapore Stuff,
I want to bring your attention to this Carls Junior advertisement I saw placed outside their fast food restaurant. It says "EVERYBODY LOVES BIG BREAST". Frankly, I am shocked that such a sexist and degrading advertisement exists in Singapore. 
Why would Carls Junior approve of such a distasteful advertisement in broad daylight? I understand the appeal in sexing it up a notch sometimes but this…? Isn't it being too much? 
Is Carls Junior telling us that women with small or medium sized breasts are worthless and that nobody wants them? What would our young minds think when they see such adverts in public? 
Especially when young children are one of the main patrons at fast food restaurant, are you trying to tell them that they should only love females with big breasts? Come on Carls Junior, what are you trying to do here? 
Besides offending your female customers, I don't see how this advert promotes your latest Chicken Breast Burger unless it is negative publicity that you want. Whoever approved of this terrible bad should be sacked. There are much better ways of drumming up publicity for your new product than this. 
We no longer live in a society where women are your commodities and playthings. Remember that Carls Junior! Do the right thing now. 
Titianna Loh
A.S.S. Contributor

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