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“Fernvale Point in Sengkang West is going to be torn down by the end of this month”, said PAP MP Lam Pin Min on his facebook page. This triggered a flurry of comments. Residents said that with Fernvale Point scheduled to be demolished, they no longer have a market where they can buy groceries. They said that if they buy their daily necessities from other places, it will be less convenient and more expensive.

Others wanted to know what the land would be used for. Most residents did not want to see yet another condominium being built in their area as their town already has too many residential housing and too few amenities like childcare centres and markets. Residents provided several suggestions as to what the land could be used for. Some suggestions included childcare centres, a library, a community centre and even supermarkets. Dr Lam replied and said that he would look into the feedback. He said that once the plans were confirmed, he would announce them to the residents.

It seems that residents are unaware that the plot of land is already intended for ‘high rise residential development’, most likely a condominium as deduced by forummers on the hardwarezone forum. (link: A condominium is what most residents do not want because of the noise produced by the construction, and because it does not meet their needs. Fernvale is a small town that has already been squeezed with lots of high-rise apartments and scarce facilities to meet the needs of the young couples who have moved in. One resident voiced out that she did not want to see her town become a concrete jungle with no kampong spirit.

Why couldn’t Dr Lam tell them straight that the current development plan for that plot of land is to build yet another high-rise residential development. I do not believe that as the MP he is unaware of the intended use for that parcel of land. Why let them continue to have false hopes that they would get their market, childcare centre or community centre?

Furthermore, attempts by netizens to post the current development plan on Dr Lam’s wall have failed because comments that reveal the use of land for condominium building have been swiftly deleted:

One would have thought Fernvale residents would have learnt their lesson from the columbarium saga but it appears that they are still too trusting and not making the effort to find out from sources other than their MP.


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