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The existence of the human race through prehistoric age till this day's internet technology has seen the political ugliness of criminal intention, tragedies and the 'incurable' office politics which exists through decades only to be explicitly accelerated with the advancement of technology. It is with the great unfortunate that the incurable disease of this infamous epidemic is the root cause of human tragedies in the form of insanity, criminal concoction and pre-mediated loss of human lives. i.e. suicides.

Manipulation of one another in a workplace, originating from the human traits of jealousy, favouritism or simply criminal intentions causing victimisation with the opportunity cost of productivity and instillation of the much publicised "work-life balance" (indeed?!)

The daily camouflaging of ugly departmental shouting matches started from the Head, followed by the lieutenant and the cubicle cronies at all working hours, existing behind closed department doors where the beastly manifestations of these self-righteous (or pretentious) leader(s), interestingly differentiation of the male and female breeds. The males, explodes their thrumph card against the poor bloke behind closed door of the meeting room with the poor victim leaving the room 2 hours later deathly pale, losing his life focus.

The female(s) department head, oh gosh when provoked at the wrong time of the month scream at the top of her lungs in the pantry at the manager who merely present his case to her (at the wrong time), with such openly humiliation any right-mind human would submit his/her resignation the next working day. Unfortunately these dept leaders armed with their triumph cards and 'clusters' of their favourites lackeys they continue to keep their job safe while gloating over the fate of the 2nd class people of the dept who were meticulously victimised one by one to the day where they were then coerced into voluntary resignation, under the owl-eyed of the robotic HR. Painfully, these potentially fatal trauma were expertly camouflaged despite dates and time of occurrences been documented.

The above were culled from twenty years of working experience in both the public and private sector, sadly majority from the public institutions. Upon reflection, these working ordeals is the culture of the Singapore rat-race society which explains the much mental traumatisation of the working class. There is nothing much the victimised can do, signed his own resignation letter, packed up and leave, nurse the traumatised injury and be traumatised further in his job hunt (interviews, approaching sub-standard recruitment agencies etc.), unless you are lucky to get your next job by string-pulling references, that's the hidden brutality of Singapore employment battlefield.

At the end of the day, I am consciously clear that I am being paid to my job with minimised errors, ensuring the smooth functioning and operations of the organisation and definitely NOT A BOOT-LICKER TO ANYONE, ESPECIALLY THE DUBIOUS PERSONALITY SITTING IN THE SELF-DEMANDED ROOM FOR HIM/HERSELF.

箭惩 (Jian Cheng)

A.S.S. Contributor

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