Hotel chambermaids in China have been caught using bath and face towels to clean the shower area — and even toilet bowls.

Stomper Casey alerted Stomp to this shocking report by, showing how investigative journalists in China have uncovered hotel chains’ dirty little secret.

Casey said:

“Saw a recent report on TV on how chambermaids clean the toilets in hotel rooms in China.

“It’s really scary and put off after watching it!

“Is unhygienic and disgusting. Advisable to bring along your own towels during your next visit to China!”

In the news report, a journalist received a tip-off about unhygienic practices in hotel rooms in China.

She decided to find out for herself.

Staying at Home Inn, she told a hotel cleaner to clean the room, and that she would be back after 30 mins.

The chambermaid agrees. Before that, the journalist has already planted a camera.

Sure enough, the toilet looked clean and dry but what she found on tape shocked her.

In the clip, the cleaner proceeds to dump all the bath and face towels in the sink, then uses them to clean the floor of the shower area.

She then uses another towel to clean the water around the sink and all over the floor in the toilet.

The journalist even asked the reception at the hotel, “I saw the same bath and face towels being used to clean the toilet floor.”

To which the receptionist replies, “We will never do this, we have towels for guests and separate towels for cleaning. They are blue.”

She then stays in another room — and discovers the same thing.

This time, the cleaner even uses a toilet brush to clean the sink — and inside the toilet bowl.

The chambermaid cleans the floors with the bath towels provided, and even uses the same towel to clean the toilet seat.

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