David Cameron’s Conservative Party won even though they were facing an impending election defeat. But by using a clever election tactic – the fear factor – by saying that voting the labour party will lead to a Scottish invasion, Conservative Party finally won.

Netanyahu, facing defeat in the last Israel elections, used the same fear tactic, “The Arabs are coming in drones to vote”, in his Facebook. Netanyahu won.

Will PAP ever listen? They created the heavy price of national defence to prevent invaders taking away our wealth but we have already being invaded by the foreigners already here stealing our wealth, by PAP welcoming the Fake Talents. They created their own firewall, closing down on any dissent while our own citizens are being raped by the foreigners. What defense do we have? We have already been robbed. So what the f**k with high defence bills when we are already being invaded and robbed?

These invading foreigners are a talking point in coffee-shops, pubs and restaurants and most effectively on the social medias. As I pointed out with David Cameron and Netanyahu using the most powerful issues of race and nationalism to win elections, ironically, the PAP is the one who created the GRC system on racial fears to win the elections, have they ever learnt their lesson? Or is this just a ploy to keep the opposition parties disadvantaged?

Race and foreign invasion are the most important issues, something of a pride factor where wealth just cannot buy. Look at history, World War 2, the Aryan Nazi race as well as the racial and religious riots in Singapore of the 60s.

With these factors, nothing would surprise if PAP loses more seats in the upcoming GE.

aziz kassim

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