Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Grace Fu says that she was misquoted for her remarks on Amos Yee and his parents.

According to Fu, a news report in the Washington Post featured some of her quotes on Amos Yee, and this later was republished in an Associated Press report. In it, Fu said:

"It's not just any YouTube video. It crosses the red line on religion. But I think that Amos Yee is not doing himself or his family any favors," she said, "How do you deal with a 16 year-old that is not able to comply with rules of society? It's kind of a parent's nightmare."

Reading her remarks, Dr Chee Soon Juan also responded to Fu by asking her not to condemn Amos, but instead to guide him and all children alike with care and firm discipline.

However, Fu has not responded with a Facebook post in which she posted the full transcript of what she had told reporters about Amos Yee. Read the full quote below:

I spoke to some journalists recently and was asked for my views on Amos Yee's case.

This was what I said:

“The video that Amos Yee created crossed the red line on religion. I think Amos Yee is not doing himself or his family any favours by challenging the conditions of the bail. From my own understanding and also from what I read on the internet, not everyone is on his side. Many would question his motivation. Also, how do you deal with a 16-year-old that is not able to comply with rules in the society. It’s kind of a parents’ nightmare I think. I have a lot of sympathy and empathise with the parents. The parents tried as much as possible to get him to comply with the decision of the courts for conditions of the bail but I think that he’s just not able to follow.”

Unfortunately, the reporter omitted some parts of my conversation in his report.

I hope that Amos will come to realise the distress that he has caused his family and try to work things out with his parents.

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