Globally degree mills are seen as illegal. There are reports where workers bought degree and try to pass themselves as graduate. When they are caught, they are at best fired, in some cases jailed.

Buying a degree is not a crime, but trying to benefit from it and passing it off as accredited qualification eg using it to gain employment or promotion is a crime in many states in US n many countries.

This is to maintain the integrity of degrees issued by tertiary institutes from the states.

LKY had taken pain and pride to build up the reputation of graduates from Singapore System. Singapore is know for producing knowledgeable, qualified and hardworking workers.

A single statement and blog entry from New MP minister Lim threaten decades of investment and hardwork.

Our education minister remain silent and our exceptional PM seems to be nonchalant.

It shows the lack of integrity among the higher echelons of PAP.

They are willing to sacrifice long term investment, and dare I say reputation for immediate gain.

Let us vote against them in next GE to preserve Singapore reputation.

A. Ang

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