Dear Editors,

This may sound really stupid but I think my NS buddy is addicted to prostitution and wI have no way of helping him overcome it. He so so addicted or poisoned to paying for sex that he spends almost all his money on thai, vietnamese or prc prostitutes every week we book out.

In order to save money, he will never join us for dinner after book out. Instead, when we have our meals on book out day, he will ask for second helpings at the cookhouse and eat until he is very full so that he won't feel hungry later.

This is not the most crazy thing he does to save every bit of. Instead of taking bus, mrt or taxi home, he will walk 15 km home after every book out. He do all this so that he can save that 5 dollars on transport.

When he finally told me he saves all these money so that he can find prostitutes during book out, I was shocked. So now with his $800 monthly allowance, he will call at least 4 prostitutes over the weekend and "enjoy" himself. 

He claims that after sex, he will bring the ladies out and he feels very happy. He say that they give him the girlfriend feel and he feel all his sacrifices are worth it.

Is my NS buddy suffering from prostitution addiction? How can I help him without spoiling our friendship?

Ricardo Chia

A.S.S. Contributor

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