Hello everyone, I will try to make this my last word on the issue.

It is unfortunate the turn of events.

I believe that the reasonable action right from the start should have been to seek out appropriate assessment, so that we would not need to go through the legal process. We would have been able to resolve this, in the interests of the state as well as for Amos.

The issue should not have been politicised right from the start. It is unfortunate that it was because Amos commented on Lee Kuan Yew. It became necessary for us to advocate for his release later.

But now this is water under the bridge. The public interest was necessary to prevent unnecessary persecution.

But now, I believe it is time we let the families of Amos and Vincent go through the processes in private.

I hope that we can respect their privacy as well as allow the appropriate action for the individuals involved to be taken to mediate the issue.

We have done what we could. It might be best for us to take a step back and let the families move along, out of respect for them.

I believe that it is not wise to continue to politicise this issue, so that we can get the appropriate assistance necessary for the individuals involved.
Thank you.

Roy Ngerng

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