by Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

Singapore – More than twenty Singaporean mothers have gathered outside the home of Amos Yee, ST has learned.

These mothers went hysterical after child prodigy Amos Yee has led Singapore’s mainstream media journalists blindly around Pasir Panjang after he posted his whereabouts on Facebook. Amos also said he was molested by his ex-bailor Vincent Law.

One of the mothers, Ai Hai Zi broke down, kneeled and tugged at Mrs Mary Yee for guidance on bringing up a child prodigy. Mrs Yee is Amos’ mother.

“I follow Mary persistently from the wet market till her home since the trial started!”, Madam Ai screamed “I want my son to be as smart as Amos who can bluff Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia!”

Another hysterical mother, Teng Hai Zi told ST that she has been calling Mrs Yee every hour on the mobile phone and following her where ever she goes.

“My son is a PSC scholar but he is nowhere as bright as Amos who can fool 5 million Singaporeans with a Facebook post”, Madam Teng “I am going to continue stalking Mary until she tell me the tricks of raising Amos!”

Amidst the chaos, Mrs Yee declined to be interviewed and slammed her front door shut. Desperate mothers continue banging on the unit’s front door and insults were hurled at Mrs Yee.

Disclaimer: This piece was written by satirist Wan Dan Liao for the Straights Times. You must absolutely believe what you read.

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