Dear Editors,

Amos Yee made a fool of the mainstream media with his false allegation and the mainstream media then made a fool out of all Singaporeans. Both of them are equally culpable for this mess.

What Amos did was inexcusable. Vincent Law voluntarily took out $20,000 to bail Amos out of jail when he was rotting in there. He even offered to counsel him and help him understand his situation. Instead of being thankful, he accused his ex-bailor of molesting him. And when he subsequently revealed that he wasn’t being serious, he called Vincent Law “immensely creepy”. Because of this incident, Vincent Law is being hounded by the press, and no matter how many times Amos retracts his statement, the damage has already been done to Vincent Law’s reputation.

What Ravi Philemon said is very true. “Vincent Law is a youth and family counsellor. Besides the stigma that comes with allegations of sexual misconduct, any such allegation could potentially end his career, and the loss of income as a result of that may adversely affect his family and children.”

Many people have come out in support of Vincent and acted as character witnesses. Basil Lee who has worked with Mr Law says: “I can vouch for Vincent Law, and his love for people. Not many people I know will willingly wake up every monday at 5 in the morning every just to have breakfast with someone at the other end of the island. Yet he does it because he cares and loves people.”

However, although Amos Yee is the one who made the allegation, the mainstream media could have chosen to ignore it. Amos Yee wanted the media attention and he wanted to “fuck with the mainstream media”. So he made the baseless allegation that his ex-bailor, Vincent Law, molested him even though it is not true. Unfortunately, the mainstream media chose to believe this 16-year-old boy who had already expressed how much he hated them before.

Because of this incident, I no longer have any respect for Amos Yee. He has lost all credibility in my eyes. But at the same time, I now have a lower respect for the mainstream media. What it did was basically spread rumours about a good counsellor and social activist. If Vincent Law is negatively affected by this incident, the mainstream media must share some of the blame.

Ronald Chan

A.S.S. Contributor

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